Apr. 03, 2024

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Legislative Update
The latest news from the State Capitol
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Legislative Update
I hope everyone had a blessed Easter that allowed some down time filled with family and faith.

Spring has sprung, and the bad bills have begun in Harrisburg! If you have children that use social media, listen up. It is very rare for a member in the minority party to announce major legislative wins. However, I was one of four members who stopped a bill that would allow social media companies to legally spy on chat conversations between minors. Not only making it legal for these social media companies to spy, but to require it!

Two weeks ago, three of my colleagues and I caught this bill sneaking through the House Consumer Protection, Technology and Utility Committee. We expressed our concerns, but the bill unfortunately passed committee, with Republican support, in a 21-4 vote. Only one week later, we were able to outplay the Democrat majority, educate members and STOP this bill from advancing to the Senate.

The bill was cutely being spun as “protecting the mental health of young users on social media platforms” and to “protect [young users] from large corporations.” However, the language explicitly stated that “[the] bill would require social media companies to monitor the chats of two or more minors on the platform” which is a direct quote from the author’s memo. Note the use of “young users” versus what they actually are, which are minors.

With growing concerns over China’s influence in our communications and technology, this bill would require non-licensed adults to read the private chats of children online.

When I was growing up my biggest fear when speaking to my friends was their parents picking up the landline and listening in, not some random adult. Social media companies and legislators have no business monitoring private conversations in the name of mental health. Simply put, this should be the responsibility of parents.

Here’s a link to that committee vote.

Leading Prayer for the House
It is always a special moment when I get to stand before my colleagues and pray. This prayer was a little more special leading up to the holiday. Below you can watch and listen to the opening prayer I delivered in the House chamber during last week’s voting session. May this Easter bring joy, renewal and unity to us all.

Click here to watch/listen to my prayer.

Hopping Around the District!
The Bunny Trail led me to many Easter egg hunts across the district! Bringing with me bicycles and treats for kids, I visited events hosted by the Rice Twp. Supervisors in Mountain Top, Plymouth Neighborhood Watch in Plymouth and the Lions Club in Hanover Twp.


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