Sep. 25, 2023

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Shapiro’s Automatic Voter Registration Plan Should Require Legislation

In another administrative overstep, Gov. Josh Shapiro announced this week he plans to implement an automatic voter registration system in the Commonwealth. Such a policy change should be created through legislation, not executive guidance.

While I certainly support more people registering and exercising their right to vote, there are a few factors to consider before implementing an automatic registration system.

First and foremost, the upcoming election is likely to be hotly contested, and unilateral actions such as this will further threaten voter confidence in the security and results of our elections.

There are questions about how such a system would work practically in terms of voter eligibility. With legislative proposals that would provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, who are not eligible to vote, and the ability to vote taken away from those who commit serious crimes, we need to know how the system would be able to meet those challenges.

It is also disappointing and more than a little ironic that the governor wants to automatically register people to vote when they obtain a state-issued identification, but then does not require them to show that identification when they proceed to vote.

The governor needs to take a step back and allow the people’s representatives to work through these challenges to implement a system that is both accurate and efficient.
Public Input Requested for Broadband Expansion Program

The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority (PBDA) is asking for public input about its Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) Program.

In August, the authority unanimously approved a multi-year plan key to securing more than $1 billion in federal resources to expand broadband access to hundreds of thousands of locations across the Commonwealth.

The plan, known as “Connecting the Commonwealth,” aims to bring affordable broadband access to unserved and underserved areas of Pennsylvania through measures such as expanding infrastructure across the Commonwealth, partnering with community-based institutions to provide digital literacy training, and strengthening existing affordability programs. Review the draft document here.  

To submit comments about the plan, click here.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, Oct. 10.
House Archives Internship Opportunity

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Archives Internship Program is currently accepting applications for the spring 2024 semester.

The 13-week internship is based at the Pennsylvania State Capitol and focuses on teaching archival processes and procedures. Interns also learn techniques for preparing and installing museum displays while working on rotating exhibits in the Capitol Complex. The internship has full- and part-time opportunities and is in-person only. Interns are compensated at a rate of $12 per hour.

At the time of the internship, students must be attending a college or university in Pennsylvania OR be a resident of Pennsylvania; be a second-semester junior, senior or graduate student; and have a GPA of at least 3.0.

For more information or to fill out the application, click here. Applications are due by Wednesday, Nov. 1.
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