Alec Ryncavage, of Plymouth, is honored to bring his unique experiences forging his own non-traditional pathway to define a new chapter for the people of the 119th Legislative District in Luzerne County and deliver prosperity for all of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Alec has been appointed to the following committees for the 2023-24 Legislative Session: Consumer Protection: Technology & Utilities, Gaming Oversight and Local Government.

Beginning his career as a freelance website developer in middle school and as a product of the internet age, Alec has dedicated his career to public service and entrepreneurship. First elected to public office at the age of 18, Alec spent his time outside of his technology business as a councilman for his hometown of Plymouth, where he led the revitalization of its historic downtown Main Street and was a fiscal watchdog. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Alec was named to the Luzerne County COVID-19 Crisis Management Team to handle the strategic distribution of knowledge and resources across the 76 municipalities located in Luzerne County.

Following his public high school graduation at Wyoming Valley West, Alec opted out of pursuing higher education as a leader to inspire other young people looking to disrupt the status quo. As a result, Alec founded a his own cybersecurity startup specializing in protecting small to medium organizations, like those located in his Luzerne County district, from foreign and domestic online threats. After raising nearly 2 million dollars in venture capital, he never lost touch to his roots or those who got him to where he is today. When offered to relocate to Silicon Valley, Alec stayed local to invest in our coal region.

Like many Pennsylvanian small towns, Alec has lived in a community stripped of its energy economy. No bigger impact on Alec's early years was witnessing his own family’s hardships, which motivates him to be a moderate voice and critical thinker to help working-class families and those living on fixed-incomes. Alec believes in cutting through partisan gridlock to make Pennsylvania more business friendly, empower our small municipalities by keeping our youth local, and deliver common-sense governing solutions that will directly benefit families across the Commonwealth.

Alec continues to reside in Plymouth Borough with his family.