Apr. 10, 2024

HARRISBURG – Rep. Mike Cabell (R-Luzerne), along with the rest of the Luzerne County Republican delegation, comprising of Reps. Aaron Kaufer (R-Luzerne), Alec Ryncavage (R-Luzerne) and Dane Watro (R-Luzerne/Schuylkill), said Wednesday that they have signed the House discharge petition to get a voter ID constitutional amendment out of committee and before the full House of Representatives for a vote in the near future.

“This important constitutional amendment, that has enjoyed broad public bipartisan support, has needlessly been bottled up in committee for over a year and time is of the essence for the House to act,” Cabell said. “According to the latest polling, requiring voters to show photo identification each time they cast a ballot is supported by 73% of Pennsylvania residents. There is no reason to not get this legislation moving so it can be put before the voters in the November election.”

For the voter ID constitutional amendment to be in place for the November General Election, it would need to be approved by the General Assembly by early July.

Earlier this year, Cabell introduced House Bill 1498, a statutory voter ID bill that has also been bottled up in committee.

“I join my Luzerne County Republican colleagues in frustration that such a simple measure that would restore trust in our election process continues to be stymied in committee,” Cabell said. “Whether it is through a constitutional amendment or a statutory change, a clear majority of Pennsylvanians agree that this needs to get done.”

Representative Mike Cabell
117th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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